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But you let go because your hope is gone and every question fades away.

Looooove Ellie Goulding. Her CD, since my car does not yet have iPod capabilities, has been pretty much the only thing I've been playing.

Also torrented Maps & Atlases new CD and listened to a few songs last night. Complete opposite direction and sound then I thought they were headed. Gonna give it a couple listens, but I'm honestly a little disappointed right now.

Living on Matt's couch currently in Raleigh. Enjoying the hell out of being here, the people I'm seeing, and the freedom I have. Only draw backs are how much I'm spending on food (too much) and how not enough sleep I'm getting.

I started work on Monday and I won't say that I enjoy it but it's a job and it's not too simple or too difficult. It's bank work, so it's kinda monotonous but I think that's just about any office job. Oh well. It's a good feeling to be working and productive again though. I feel accomplished when I leave. I like wearing a dress shirt/tie etc and having to be presentable. I like the people I work with; they have been very welcoming, friendly and helpful. I can get used to this.

Can't wait for that first paycheck. Hope my money lasts til then.

Sleep time now because I'm old now and have to be up by 7 at the latest to shower, get dressed and meet Matt for breakfast.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I talked to Ryan Iyengar today and got to tell him a late Happy Birthday. I love and miss him and have decided I must arrange my next available vacation to be to California. On the same note, I definitely miss Omid, JT and Cece lots.
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