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Shake the dust

Finally got all my personal cards and passwords and other cute things at work. Cool. Finally also got my health insurance number so I could go to the doctor...

which I really needed to do because I had a cyst on my back that somehow managed to get infected and I had to go to an after hours clinic to get it looked at. It was just painful before and then it was needled and cut and prodded and other fun things and now it hurts really bad whenever I do anything. At least it'll actually start getting better now.

My documentation of my funds is interesting but also depressing. I've got to get this more under control. Groceries + unexpected medical expenses are really gay. Gonna start keeping it all in an organized Excel sheet (thanks work for reteaching me how to use it).

I do love being more responsible and organized though. My iPhone helps immensely.

Still overall loving living in Raleigh. Still enjoying Matt, Jess and Laura as roommates and as people, strange and different though they may be.

Rediscovered Anis Mojgani. Love.

Melissa comes home this weekend. I am so excite.

Birthday is next Monday. Still not sure what I'm going to do.

I'm going skydiving this Saturday. The money funding it is a birthday present from my Mom; my actually doing it and not using that money for other things is my birthday present to myself. I'm scared shitless but also extraordinarily excited. I'm sure I will make a post about it.
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