Josh (darksyde) wrote,

Here you are, waiting for me as always. But not tonight.

Something that sums up the last month.


I’ve been having western dreams
And you should know how seamless seems;
My thoughts are floor routines on balance beams.
With me ever so unaware,
Before I had come to stop and stare,
The clock was the motif.
“The tick’s alive in our memory
The tock’s always our absentee.”

“I could not hear though I was listening,
Tell me again, where are we?”

A space station of the imagination to take a midnight train.
Within those snow stained windows, I held our reservations as interpreted by rain;
but this I cannot say.

I space a smile and then reply,
“We’re going where elation goes,
While knowing what vacations know.”
She turns and sighs to me, whispering her woes,
Missing everyone she knows.
I sit there and everywhere;

A pocket watch in hand
A pocket full of shifting sand:

Sunbeam soap suds
Calico rose buds, canvass ballets
And whole hearted, harp string plays.

I’ve been having Austin dreams
And you know how the seamless seems.
“Here all thoughts are free,
As Spring’s breeze in Winter’s melted leaves.
No rules of form, freedom from speech’s machinery.”

To the tune of tra-lala-lala-lala,
Her every note is Je ne sais quoi
In the sweet gradient of Au revoir
And Bonjour. Our time is short though Time is long, and in all our weary, it’s been this cabin car,
Unique from its twins among stars; in it I have been,
So ready just to say to you…somehow, I never do.

In this pocket watch twilight,
Four sockets awaiting farsight:

Sanguine hopes high,
Obscene argyle, eyelid luster
And holy star, winged clusters.

I’ve been having western dreams.
Oh Austin, how she sings to me,
And you should know how seamless seems;
My thoughts are sentient flings escaping me.
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