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Boy with a coin he crammed in his jeans then making a wish, and tossed in the sea.

I love this song so much.

Haven't really felt like updating lately. Still don't really but I need to try to get back in the habit.

Despite what I mentioned in my last post, Maria and I are still together. Two months as of a few days ago. It's a weird feeling. We spend very much time together. She is very sweet.

Still playing a lot of Smash on the weekends. Still getting better but taking it easy on tournaments for a while due to funds. :\

Still can't land a job. NC blows.

Going to Vegas in June with my brother David. Can't even wait. It's going to be soooo good.

I cannot wait for Summer. I got some glorious sun on Easter and I've been craving the beach ever since.

Coheed/Circa concert is super soon. YESSS

Recently I've gone to see Alice in Wonderland 3D (<333 Anne Hathaway) and How to Train Your Dragon 3D (<333 Night Fury). I actually really enjoyed both a lot. I think I really like this new 3D trend. I don't think either movie would be as enjoyable normally. Still want to see Clash of the Titans even though I've heard it's not great.

New things I've been listening to:
Iron & Wine - The Shepherd's Dog
Lights - The Listening
Portugal the Man - Churchmouth

Really random but I'm enjoying them a lot.

For everyone I haven't talked to and seen in a long time: I really miss you. I miss my dance game friends. I don't miss dance games but I miss the fact that it made it possible for me to see you all. Please don't think I've forgotten any of you. I remember each and every person on my friends list. Feel free to drop me a line.

Separate paragraph to specifically say I really love and miss Michael O'Neill, Karen Miles and Justin Denning.

I guess that's all. Going to re-watch Princess Mononoke tonight and then Jennifer's Body.
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