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Aw naw, hell naw, man, y'all done up and done it.

As of Thursday, June 24th, 2010, I finally have a job. It's at State Employees Credit Union in Raleigh in the Operations department aka no face to face with customers.

Last I was told it pays about 24K (standard entry level with a college degree) and then has about 6 to 8K in benefits. It's an 8:30 to 5 M-F, which will definitely take some getting used to.

Definitely gonna be couch surfing for a little while till I can figure out my living situation. Commuting is just not even an option plus I really don't want to live at home anymore.

Oh yeah, I found out about the job at a Smash tourney. My friend's dad was helping him run it and I was talking to him about my job plight and I mentioned applying to banks and he just says, "Banks huh? I'm a Senior Vice President in Operations at an SECU in Raleigh. You should send me your resume." So I did, got the call back while I was in Raleigh, interviewed the next day and got the call back about a week later telling me I start on Monday morning.

To anyone who ever thought that video games/tournaments couldn't help you in the real world (myself included), here's your time to be wrong. I'm stoked.

Anyways, finally a life changing thing to happen. Yessssss
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