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Aw naw, hell naw, man, y'all done up and done it.

As of Thursday, June 24th, 2010, I finally have a job. It's at State Employees Credit Union in Raleigh in the Operations department aka no face to face with customers.

Last I was told it pays about 24K (standard entry level with a college degree) and then has about 6 to 8K in benefits. It's an 8:30 to 5 M-F, which will definitely take some getting used to.

Definitely gonna be couch surfing for a little while till I can figure out my living situation. Commuting is just not even an option plus I really don't want to live at home anymore.

Oh yeah, I found out about the job at a Smash tourney. My friend's dad was helping him run it and I was talking to him about my job plight and I mentioned applying to banks and he just says, "Banks huh? I'm a Senior Vice President in Operations at an SECU in Raleigh. You should send me your resume." So I did, got the call back while I was in Raleigh, interviewed the next day and got the call back about a week later telling me I start on Monday morning.

To anyone who ever thought that video games/tournaments couldn't help you in the real world (myself included), here's your time to be wrong. I'm stoked.

Anyways, finally a life changing thing to happen. Yessssss
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glad things finally turned around. For us both at that
video games and tournaments are just another way to meet people, and you can definitely use those people and connections just like any other. just like you did! nice job dude, i'm happy for you.
congrats bro. i'm really happy for you. You know what your job title is and what you'll be doing?
congrats on the job! I hope you like it
this dude ballin
I'm so happy for you :)