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Parade Day by Anis Mojgani

Parade Day

confetti and graffiti give me the same feeling
like something won or someone came home from far far away
there are days when I am surprised the streets are not run rampant with both
that there is not kissing in the streets
that there is not the rock song everlasting of fireworks explosion
that the streets are not overflowing
with slowdriving convertible parades
and beautiful queens
waving at us
there are some hours where I am surprised
that there is no parade scheduled
simply because we all woke up and did it–
we were human!
we were human!
yesterday! we were the same thing
and tomorrow–
filled with blue mountain lust and skyscraper
we are skyscrapers
we are whatever is bigger than skyscrapers
broken balls of gas and matter that have traveled far
from whatever corner spat them out
in the contraction and expansion of space
that is the same pulse of the forest
sections of this universe that moved through space
until it found something soft to move through
bits of paper broken and torn
from larger sheets
curved and curling in the wind
sign your name across my back
it is not the concrete poured into the foundation
that makes the buildings able to stand up everyday
but rather the words burned across their faces and feet
that some stranger loved them or loved themselves enough to do that
sign your name across my back
it aint the cinder in the timber
but the initials carved that break the trunk open
the tree flaunting its body
look at me
look at what I got
somebody loved something hard enough to use a knife
look at what I got


Skydiving + birthday post soon.
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