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Freeze frame vision

I am never on my laptop it seems so I keep not getting around to posting here.

Skydiving was glorious and I still really want to talk about it and post a picture or two.

Smash has been going great. Maining Falco now, broke the tech skill barrier, going up to Apex (in NJ) on the 5th-8th of next month to try to do some damage and cheer Kevin on.

Watched Paramore's soundcheck at the new Raleigh Amphitheater the other day. It was pretty awesome. I'm such a closet Paramore fan.

Still haven't seen Melissa since she's been home. She's been impossible to reach. It makes me super sad.

Similarly, girl situation is moderately hopeless. Lauren is really neat but moving to Charleston soon, and stuff with Belle is interesting but weird too.

Attended one of Matt's parties here at the house. Wow. Very interesting night. Leaving it at that.

Minus the Bear's "Omni" cd is very good. Check it out if you're a fan and you haven't already.

Still really want to see Inception.

Time to catch up on some sleep.
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Inception is soooooooo good. Let me know if you need someone to go see it with and want to make a overdue trip to Greenville :>
You still haven't saw Inception?!? What the hell man? :P

You still play Melee? Just wondering because Brawl is still terrible.