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I've been living Austin dreams.

Writing this entry from Amanda's computer in Austin.

This weekend has been interesting and beautiful in a lot of ways, some I expected, some I didn't, all productive. I am so so glad I came.

Had a super dramatic run through the airport and still managed to get in late Friday night and stayed at Amanda's after a nostalgic visit to Sonic's. The next day she took me to look at the city, and walkthrough downtown. Can't believe how community friendly and culturally diverse it is. We went to a friend of hers' house and spent part of the day drinking margaritas and sitting in the hot tub. Everybody was really different and intersting. I love the attitude and feeling of the people here. Of course Explosions is from Austin. We had authentic Mexican and later that night after some stuff I got the chance to drive around Austin for a bit by myself in the middle of the night.

The next day Daniel Rowe (known in the Stone Age as Twisted Silence <3) met up with me and took me to see Arcade UFO which was an awesome nerdy hot spot. We went to Alamo Drafthouse where they serve amazing food (had a Royale with Cheese! <3) and good beer while watching "Paul", from the guys who made Shawn of the Dead. Funny movie, great social commentary, really enjoyed it. It was great to watch it in a theater full of people with similar ideas and feelings about things. I was born to live in this place; it's a city full of eccentric, open people like me. After the movie, Daniel took me to see Red Fly studios, which is in the middle of downtown, on the 15th floor with an amazing view. We talked for almost 12 hours nonstop and I was so glad I got to spend that time with him.

I love this city. I really think I want to move here; I already thought that, but now for very different reasons. These days have been dreams come true in a lot of ways. I'm so sad I have to go back. I'll try to edit in a ton of pictures later and add some more thoughts. I just said bye to Daniel after an a lunch of Indian food and now Amanda and I are going to the park and the mall and such before my 5:45 flight.

In love with life today. Have some big decisions to make soon. So glad I've kept this journal. I'll try to be better to it. More to come.
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